Summer Experiences which include Internships/Externships, Summer Camps, and Virtual Learning are an essential part of the ACE National Strategic Plan to excite young people about opportunities in the construction space. Each summer, High School Summer Experiences will be available to students in a variety of ways. The success of these programs is dependent on affiliate interest and participation.

The following provides more information about each one of the programs. Affiliates should use the information provided to showcase the opportunities available to students. Interested students should contact their team leaders if they have any questions about participating in the programs.


High school students are offered the ability to experience an actual workplace environment in the construction industry.  Each affiliate will work with their students to explore and select the best fit for the summer experience.

High School Summer Workplace Experiences will be available to affiliates in three different ways:

National Sponsor Firms

Local Opportunities

ACE National Stipend Program

For more details on each type of experience CLICK HERE!

Work Permits

ACE is getting ready to place high school students in summer workplace experiences across the country.  Some states require minors to get a work permit for their summer experience.

work permit is a document (also known as ‘working papers’) that certifies that an individual (usually under the age of 18) can be employed. Working permits are not federal requirements but many states will require them before employing a teenager or a child.

Many states require a work permit work for students under the age of 18 but some have a lower age of 16.

Many states allow students to get a work permit through their school.

As students are enrolled in the summer workplace program, we will be reminding them that they need a work permit.  We also ask that each affiliate helps us work with the students to get the necessary paperwork.

Click here to look up your state.


Summer Camps

There are three camps available through the national program of ACE Mentor.  If you are interested in learning more about each camp, click on the link below.  For students interested in attending, please reach out to your team leader for more information.