In this ACEVenture, we’ll explore developments in both real time visualization production and virtual reality.  We’ll also look at how our relationship with Epic Games (creators of FortNite, Rocket League, and other AAA video games) has helped shape how we design.  Whether we’re building a driving simulator to help explain a new highway interchange, or creating an app to help crowd source design for a better skate park, these tools impact how we design and visualize real world projects.  Come along and we’ll show you what we’re up to!   


[ 2PM Pacific – 3PM Mountain – 4PM Central – 5PM Eastern ]



CHUCK LOUNSBERRY, Leader of Stantec Design Visualization Services Group

Some people think Chuck Lounsberry designs video games all day – they aren’t entirely wrong. As the Visualization Technology Leader, his job is to keep bleeding edge visualization tech in the hands of Stantec’s designers. Working in the Visualization field for over 20 years, Chuck has a deep understanding of the innovative impact that AR/VR/MR and Real Time applications can have on a designers workflow and has worked to develop bespoke solutions for some of Stantec’s most high profile clients.




ANTHONY LaBELLA, Creative Director, Stantec Design Visualization Services Group

Anthony LaBella leads a talented team of visualization specialists at Stantec who create a wide range of graphic deliverables, from traditional 3D renderings to interactive VR simulations. Anthony uses his Industrial Design education and gaming background to shape the way designers and end-clients can best visualize and interact with their proposed designs. Some projects are best visualized with a simple rendering but more complex designs like the Lynch Family Skate Park in Boston require cutting edge virtual reality and video game technology to help tell the full story.




AUDREY CROPP, Design Visualization Specialist, Stantec Design Visualization Services Group

While obtaining her master’s in landscape architecture, Audrey discovered her passion for design visualization. The challenge of how to best express, showcase, interpret, communicate, or engage with designs across multiple disciplines is only part of what makes her career so entertaining. She has access to cutting edge technology to create those experiences which has resulted in a dynamic career full of endless possibility.





Stantec is a top global design and engineering firm with active projects all over the world.  We’re designers, engineers, scientists, and project managers, innovating together at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships. Balancing these priorities results in projects that advance the quality of life in communities across the globe. As part of that process, we’re always trying to push the boundaries with how technology can help make our work better.