Great Opportunity for ACE Seniors (and Alums) Planning an Architecture Career

**Attention Affiliate Leaders, Team Leaders, Mentors**

Please alert any high school seniors who are minority and plan to enter architecture school next fall about this lucrative scholarship opportunity (up to $20,000 spread over several years). 

ACE students and alumni have been highly successful in winning these scholarships.  Last year 20% of scholarship winners were from ACE. In 2019, SIX out of the 20 scholarship recipients had ACE ties.  In 2017, 60% of awardees had participated in ACE.

Minority high school seniors who are applying to NAAB-accredited schools of architecture are eligible.   The on-line scholarship application requires much of the same information as college applications. Two references are needed.  An ACE mentor who is a practicing architect can serve as a reference.  Students are advised to mention their ACE experience.

In addition to high school seniors, rising sophomores in NAAB-accredited architecture schools are also eligible, as are community college students transferring into accredited architecture schools.

So if you know of any eligible alumni urge please notify them and urge them to apply.

Deadline: January 17, 2020