Transformative Partner Program

Mission: to actively mentor, engage with, and support students through their post-secondary academic studies, following their initial engagement with ACE during high school.

Goal: to ensure ACE alumni successfully complete their studies and enter as a full-time employee of the construction industry.

What Commitment Does a Transformative Partner Firm Make?

- Provide an employee to serve as a mentor throughout the undergraduate years, regularly engaging with and helping guide and support the student.

- Provide a paid summer internship for the qualified student each summer through undergraduate education

- Provide the qualified student with a job offer upon graduation

Proposed Outcomes for Students

- Completion of undergraduate program.

- Yearly paid internship offer for qualified students, as determined by the firm.

- Entrance into construction industry as a full-time employee.

- Developing professional networks for students.

Proposed Outcomes for Firms

- Expand diversity, equity & inclusion in hiring interns and full-time employees.

- Grow talent pool for firms year after year.

- Prospective employees are rooted in the firm culture.

- Improves employee morale and increases employee retention.