Transformative Partner Program: Alumni Overview

The goal of this initiative is to actively mentor, engage with, and support students through their post-secondary academic studies, following their initial engagement with ACE during high school. The goal is to ensure the ACE alumni successfully complete their studies and enter as a full-time employee of the construction industry.

Proposed Outcomes for Students

  • Mentor support throughout post-secondary studies, with a goal of graduation
  • Assistance in finding yearly paid summer internship offer based on performance.
  • Assistance securing full time employment in building and design industry after successful completion of post secondary education
  • Developing professional networks
  • Opportunities for professional development and support
  • Connection to the broader ACE Alumni Network

Student Participant Qualifications

  • High school graduate (or Senior graduating in the spring) currently enrolled in a post-secondary program (I.e., college, vocational programming, etc.)
  • Pursuing an A-C-E related major or course of study, with an intention to continue into the building and design profession after graduation
  • Participated in the ACE program in high school
  • Registered as an ACE Alumni (or will register upon Spring Graduation)

Time Commitment and Expectations

  • Mentor and Mentee meetings and communications: 1-2 hours per month, mostly virtual communicating (email, zoom calls, text)
  • Report to ACE Program staff progress and updates: once a quarter via brief survey
  • Periodic webinars to support professional development: 2-3 times per year

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