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National Scholarships

Design and construction industry associations and companies operate national scholarship programs focusing specifically on architecture, engineering, and construction. ACE alumni and students have previously won several of these scholarships.

Transformative Partner Program

Are you looking for a mentor to support you as you navigate your post-secondary education? Do you need help with your course work, finding an internship, or just someone to talk to about your educational and career path? Check out our brand new Transformative Partner Program, exclusively available to ACE alumni!

Job Board

Our partners are looking for talented ACE alumni like you!

Learn more about internships and full-time positions that our partner companies are currently hiring for. Many of our partner companies are looking for employees from a variety of different disciplines within the A/E/C fields.

Professional Development

From resume writing to interview skills and networking, ACE wants to support your success as you progress through your career. Check out these professional development resources to help sharpen your skills as you enter the professional world.

Post-Secondary Resources

The transition from high school to post-secondary education is an exciting time full of major life changes, opportunities, and challenges. ACE has put together a variety of resources to help you navigate this journey into the next phase of your education.



The life and work skills learned in ACE (e.g., teamwork, communication) remain useful.


The technical skills and knowledge learned in ACE (e.g., computer-aided design, sustainable design) continue to be useful.


Their ACE experience made them better prepared than their college peers.