Each year, ACE is doing more and more to help support alumni. From alumni scholarships, internships, and 1 to 1 mentoring, ACE is committed to helping alumni achieve success throughout post-secondary education and achieving a fulfilling career in the AEC industry.

  • This page houses resources to help empower ACE affiliates to provide support to ACE alumni.
  • ACE National has also developed an Alumni Resources page that will be shared with registered alumni regularly. This is a great incentive to help encourage alumni to register in the ACE database and keep their information updated!

Alumni Registration Toolkit

In order to reach ACE alumni and provide support, we must encourage high school seniors to update their contact information and register in the alumni database. This is a joint effort between ACE National and affiliates.

ACE students are eligible to register as alumni once they turn 17 and if they were active for one program year (active for current program year, completed for past program year).

Spring is the best time to connect with high school seniors and get them registered in the alumni database. This can be at one of the final sessions, through an email or social media campaign, or through a printed postcard that is distributed at year-end events.

To assist in this effort, ACE National has put together an Alumni Registration Toolkit to help affiliates with alumni registration:

Alumni Registration Flyer

Social Media Digital Ads

LinkedIn and Facebook (1200 x 627)

Instagram (1080 x 1080)

Alumni Registration Postcard

Alumni Video

Transformative Partner Program (TPP) Toolkit

Responding to the overwhelming need from alumni for more support in college, ACE TPP was created to support ACE alumni in their post-secondary pursuits.

ACE TPP’s mission is to actively mentor, engage with, and support students through their post-secondary academic studies, following their initial engagement with ACE during high school. The goal is to ensure ACE alumni successfully complete their studies and enter as full-time employees of the construction industry.

  • Mentee and mentor are paired based on similar field, school, location, etc.
  • Mentor provides mentee with professional, academic, and personal support throughout post-secondary education through monthly virtual check-ins.
  • ACE National oversees mentor and mentee onboarding, as well as monitoring and supporting the matches.

There are many advantages to affiliates who choose to get involved in ACE TPP, including:

  • Increased alumni support to your students to support future success.
  • Integrate alumni supports into your affiliate with minimal affiliate effort.
  • Increase opportunities for volunteer involvement.

In TPP, matches are made both locally and nationally. Many successful matches are made at the national level based on certain criteria, but we know some of the strongest relationships are built at the affiliate level. Affiliates have a better understanding of their students and mentors and are better situated to provide input on which mentors would be a good fit for potential students. Plus, having mentor and mentee in the same location allows for in person meetings and possible internships!

Here are some tools to help you implement TPP into your affiliate:

ACE TPP Affiliate Tips


Email Templates