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Join ACE Mentor and Build CA for a virtual camp experience you won’t forget.  Design/Build your own project with your camp kit.  Activities include sketching, workshops, special guests and s’mores! Buckle up as we virtually travel to Los Angeles for a TRADES DAY field trip. Invite friends and family to the final show – your presentations. Let’s Go Campers!

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CAMP DATES:  Saturdays 11/14 – 12/19 (no session on 11/28)

TIME: 10am – 1pm PST


  • Design an All-in-One piece of furniture

  • Build it out of supplies in the ‘ACE CAMP KIT BOX’

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WORKSHOPS: Learn new software!

ACTIVITIES: Build a working solar hut and more! s’mores anyone?

FIELD TRIP:  Virtually attend ACE LA/OC’s ‘Trades Day’

SPEAKER PANEL:  Learn from ACE Alumni + Industry Professionals

PRESENTATIONS: Invite your family, mentors and friends

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