The ACE Mentor Program is committed to the healthy development of impactful and supportive mentoring relationships. Such relationships are rooted in well trained mentors, volunteers, and students. ACE trainings rely on evidence based best practices in the field of mentoring and youth development to ensure maximum impact on the mentoring relationship and programming.  ACE training materials can be used to onboard new mentors, provide match support to returning mentors, and assist board members and volunteers in creating more successful ACE programming. When ACE students engage with well-trained mentors and volunteers, they are more likely to have positive outcomes and continue in their pursuit of AEC careers!


National Webinar held on 02/24/2022. 

00:00 Intro/ICE Breaker
04:04 What is resilience?

09:50 What does this have to do with ACE?
19:02 Case Study
25:24 Fixed vs Growth Mindset
27:19 The Power of Yet
28:18 How to build resilience
31:16 Sample activities
33:24 Smart Goals
35:28 Impactful Praise
39:50 Mindful Moments
42:30 Fantastic Failures
44:00 Other Activities
47:28 Social Capitol
48:57 Example Failure/Closing

- Presentation Slides

- Impactful Praise

- Mindful Moments

- Social Capital Mapping

Managing Expectations in ACE Mentoring

National Webinar held on 03/24/2022. 

00:00 Introduction
02:41 Goals and Objectives
03:15 Three Approaches to Mentoring
11:55 Student Expectations
17:00 Mentor Expectations
17:54 Is your ACE Team on the same page?
18:49 Examples of Expectations
22:05 Expectations vs Goals
23:32 Misaligned Expectations
30:53 Generational Misunderstandings
37:36 Educational Inequities and Invisible Privileges
44:37 Expectations Summary
47:25 Sources

- Presentation Slides

- Expectations Overview and Tips Handout