Oracle is a leading technology company that is taking innovation and putting it into action. Join us to learn how we are using robots, building models, and a virtual command center to build our next generation Industries Innovation Lab. 

  • Welcome and Introduction
  •  Meet Spot the Robot Dog
  • Building Model
  • Take Control: Command Center
  • Q&A 





BURCIN KAPLANOGLU, Executive Director, Innovation Officer, Oracle Global Business Units

Dr. Burcin Kaplanoglu is a recognized industry technologist, innovator, thought leader, and keynote speaker. He is leading innovation for the Oracle Global Business Units (Industries) and is the Co-Founder of Oracle Industries Innovation Lab





EILISH NOLEN, Industries Innovation Lab Project Manager, Oracle Global Business Units

Eilish Nolen has been with Oracle since 2017. Her main focus is to help drive innovation by demonstrating how Oracle products and partner solutions can be used in unison to maneuver through the project lifecycle.





HILARY EMMETT, Strategic Program Manager, Oracle Construction and Engineering

Hilary is a Strategic Program Manager based in Denver, Colorado. In addition to over 20 years in the software industry helping owners and delivery team to better plan, build and operate critical assets, Hilary is an ACE mentor and guest speaker bringing Virtual Reality and immersive technology experiences to Colorado classrooms.