If you were to hop in a time machine and visit a construction site in 2030, what new technology do you think you’d see?

Would workers make use of virtual and augmented reality?

Have robots or giant 3D printers become a common sight?

Could the digital tools used to design buildings also shape the way we plan and create them?

In this 5-day webinar series, we will explore some of these exciting possibilities for the future of construction. This will culminate in a virtual design challenge that will engage young people in using creativity and design thinking to address issues of environmental and social justice.

Webinar participants will be unable to view or communicate with one another. Participants will be able to ask the host and panelists questions which are visible only to the host and panelists.

Dates:  Jul 13 – 17, 2020

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM (est)

PARENTS MUST REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR WITH THEIR CONTACT DETAILS. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR CHILD’S PERSONAL INFORMATION. Autodesk uses the information you provide for and during the webinar as described in the Autodesk Privacy Statement.